Аrtist Creаtes А Cоmic Аbout А Blаck Cаt Thаt Wоuld Bring Teаrs Tо Yоur Еyеs

What do you think about death? Is it scary, is it sad, or do you have no opinions of it? Jenny Jinya gives us a peek into her points of view about death.

Jenny is an artist who is famous for her comic series “Loving Reaper”. Her comics are mostly about what the after-lives are like for dogs and cats. Her intention when creating this series was to raise awareness about the good and the bad in the relationship between us humans and our pets.

Her content is mostly sad stories, but they are very touching as well. If you are reading her comics and suddenly feel tears coming down your face, trust me, there is no one cutting onions in the room, it is just you sobbing through the pages. However heart-breaking Jenny’s illustrations may seem, but there is always a hopeful side to them.

Let’s look into one of her comics and tell us what you feel.

There is always a meaning behind every Jenny’s piece. Her latest art is about how black cats (or black pets in general) are being treated unfairly just because of their natural-born looks, or because humans just have some absurd beliefs that have no proof to back them up like black cats are related to black magic, etc.

“There are dozens of posters and infographics with various statistics about abused or abandoned animals. Many know the problems, but such information is quickly forgotten,” Jenny shared in an interview with Bored Panda. “I try to give a voice to the victims with my sad drawings. I want the affected pet animals to be able to tell their own stories. I hope I can raise awareness this way.”


This is her famous story about the life of an unwanted black cat

For Jenny, death has a different meaning for each one of us. To her, death doesn’t really have to be the end, and it could be the start of something new, something wonderful. Everyone has their own perspectives of how death would be like. For Jenny, I quote “I like to imagine Death to be a gentle and insightful being.”


The people’s reactions were so heart-warming: they started sharing about their black pets and how much they love them


Another piece of comic that would make you sob. This time it was about a little good boy who got abandoned

This is one of her most recent arts that would make you straight out crying…

Jenny is a talented artist with a good heart. She is definitely an animalist. If you are one as well, then you cannot miss out on her comics. She still has a whole lot more stories to tell.

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