Тhis Cоnfusing Dоg Picturе Drivеs Thе Intеrnеt Crаzy

Just a regular day when you’re scrolling on your Facebook, having your daily dose of doggo when you see a photo that freezes your mind for a sec. You must be saying to yourself “What the freak is this creature?”, as it is a photo of a dog, or maybe something that looks like a dog. Well, you are not alone, as the Internet users were asking the same question.

The controversial photo has gained more 143k views and over 3.2k upvotes on Imgur. People are sharing how confused, shocked yet intrigued they are over the interesting optical illusion. However, the photo has started a thread where people share their confusing dog photos and have a good laugh at them.

Take a look at the photos and tell Gidypet your reactions by upvoting for your favorite dogillusion!

This photo of a dog is going viral on the Internet


Everyone was so confused about the picture


People were freaked out so they ‘fixed’ the pic with Photoshop to make it less horror-inducing:


Turns out, it’s just a three-legged dog licking himself:

The shot went viral on both Imgur and the subreddit r/confusing a year ago. One guy even illustrated how the dog would look like from a different angle.

Meanwhile, some internet users were so baffled that they joked that they’d had enough of Reddit for the day and compared the dog to something from the Silent Hill video games.

Others couldn’t help themselves and added googly eyes to the image for fun.

And, just in case you were curious, here’s how the dog looks from a different angle. Turns out he’s just a sweet doggo living his best life despite the disability.


The owner later posted a photo of their three-legged friend, confirming that he does have a head

This isn’t the first time a pet photo has got Internet users scratching their heads, unsure of what they were looking at. Here are more pet optical illusions for you to solve, so keep scrolling and have fun.


#1 Cameowoof


#2 Crow or cat? You tell me!


#3 Was taking pictures of my mom petting my dog when…


#4 My sister’s Lab catching his ball looks just like a polar bear


#5 Girl fishing


#6 Never knew my dog can spit fire


#7 Dog in a bubble


#8 Day 34 disguising as a deer: They still haven’t realized I’m a dog


#9 Came home to my two dogs merging into one


#10 Puppy ride


#11 Our cats look like they were cross-stitched onto the carrier


#12 Belching rainbows


#13 This really messed with my head for a few minutes before I realised


#14 Go, go gadget neck


#15 Take a second look


#16 Frisbee lip


#17 Cerberus but one head is missing


#18 My brother seems hairy today


#19 Nothing like hugging a giant pooch!


#20 Magic tree that changes your fur color when you run past it


#21 Look, I can fly!


#22 Never thought my little baby would grew into a giant


#23 Gliding in the water


#24 Always knew that my dog is an angel sent from above


#25 Lady has been looking at me for 30 minutes, but I don’t mind though


#26 Smol human lemme give you good lick


#27 Gotta give this dog double treats

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