13 Рhotos Тhat Рrove Сats Аnd Dogs Аre From Diffеrent Wоrlds by Аnonymouse

A caretaker, a friendly companion along the ride on vacation, a guy who is in love with water and willing to drown down to the pool, a silly goose who is always smiling, and the most loyal friend in the world, a heroic guardian for kids, for a homeless cat in the freezing winter, a dangerous one that a thief should be aware of.

A don’t-give-a-darn with grumpy attitude, an aloof yet mysterious creature, a clingy one but never admits, a leader of anti-water club, a versatile actor, all around great guys, the cutest sleeper, the weirdest stoner with the green dust, a real jerk but still be the most spoiled king and queen.

Not mentioning who is who but you probably know what I’m trying to depicting, they will eternally in the parallel universes. Though they can befriend with each other but that is just when we take a lot of effort to adjust as well as train them to be more tolerated.

Regardless their differences, we love them unconditionally. These 13 funny but super duper accurate comparisons will leave you explore the different worlds of those two. 6 more facts are awaiting here!

#1 Attitudes are classified


#2 …behave when they did something wrong


#3 How they choose a comfortable place to sleep


#4 …ride in a car


#5 …eat


#6 …welcome owners home


#7 …react when we pet them


#8 …treat an owner


#9 How they treat water…


#10 …and behave on a walk


#11 When we’re trying to work at home


#12 …sleep with their owner


#13 …ask to be held

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