30+ Вefore-Аnd-Аfter Рhotos Оf Рets Grоwing Uр With Тheir Тoys

Exclusively for the stuffed toy gang only!

A childhood toy is not just a plain one, it’s a whole journey where we have been growing up with. Lots of memories were created, our toy witnessed it all, specifically, stuffed toy. A fluffy polar bear, Mr.crocodile, or a dorky duckie are not only our favorites in the childhood but pets also want a mini companion like us too!

Generally dogs are likely to have a pet stuffed toys that they can bite due to their ancestor is a wolf – who likes to train their teeth sharper to get the prey, while most of the cats love to hang around with anything that they can play with: a box, a string, or even a plastic package that we left yesterday. On behalf of their owner, you can clearly capture a lot of moments when they want to be alone… I mean alone with their toys! One more thing that can never change and it might brighten up your day is no matter how grown-up they are and would be, our pets still love their midget stuffed toys, and they are always be a little loving kittens and puppies!

#1 Eighteen Months Later And He Still Sleeps With His Duck


#2 Still Sleeps With A Friend


#3 My Cat And His Favourite Box


#4 She Can Be Very Angry If You Try To Take Her “toy”


#5 Then And Now


#6 Croc Battle: Then And Now


#7 The Difference A Year And A Half Makes, For Both My Cat And His Toy Monkey


#8 Seven Years Later, He Still Loved His Duck


#9 Then And Now


#10 Remi, Four Months Apart


#11 Eight Months Later, My Little Ball Of Fury


#12 Gizmo And Pookie – Bff’s


#13 A Year Ago Today I Met My Best Friend, And He Got His First Toy


#14 Havah Who Always Sleeps In Her Basket


#15 Four Years Later And It’s Still His Favorite


#16 Stevie The Kitty, The Day We Got Her, To Today. She Still Loves Her String


#17 Mayo, My Friend ‘s Dog, Then And Now


#18 My Dog Then & Now


#19 8 Months Apart, Rupert The Bear Is Still Eric’s Favourite Toy


#20 Growing Up With Favorite Toys


#21 Sid. Kangoo Is Always Near To Him, But…. You Have To Find It!!


#22 He Loves His Toy So Much, He Ate His Head And Arms


#23 Best Toy Ever


#24 Tyler Still Prefers Grown Up Toys ~ 2 Years Later


#25 The Size Of The Toy Did Not Change 🙂


#26 One Year Later And He Still Loves To Cuddle With This Stuffed Polar Bear


#27 Still Rocky’s Favorite Toy


#28 It’s Old And Ragged And Has Seen Better Days But It’s Her Favorite Toy



#29 Three Years Later, Still Spends Hours Trying To Get Into Coconuts



#30 Ten Weeks Apart


#31 Benny And His Favorite Toy Nine Months Later


#32 Scott After 2 Years


#33 Bell And Her Goose


#34 My Baby Boy Now Three Years Old And Still Loves His Mofumin-pillow


#35 My Dog Then And Now


#36 Three Years Later And She Still Loves Stuffed Bears


#37 Rita, The Cat, And Joana, The Little Bug – Months Apart


#38 Miep With Her Bunsen Honeydew At Four Weeks And One Year


#39 My Little Shih-tzu ,Ivy And Her Best Friend – The Teddy Bear


#40 Oscar – 5 Years


#41 Clara & Foxy-fox 2 months – 2 years


#42 Nine Months Apart


#43 Qwik N A Puppy Toy 🙂


#44 Pumpkin And His Owl. After 1 Year.


#45 Tina And Her Wheel, Four Months Apart


#46 Leo: 5 Months – 5 Years


#47 One Year Apart


#48 Zachary And His Plushy Rabbit


#49 Years Apart


#50 Six Months Later, She Still Loves It


#51 Love At First Sight – She Stole Mouse Attached To My Keys. Now She “kill” It Every Night. 😉

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