30+ Рics Рroving Тhat Сats Аnd Dоgs Сan Вe Вest Friеnds

There’s a lot of a never-ending topics about proving cats and dogs do get along with each other or they don’t actually bond well. These explosively debatable fights are because every cat and dog has a particular behavior, also it depends on the environments that they are in: a domestic cat will act differently as a stray one is more ‘wild’. And us, humans, have various ways to train these little friends. Technically, “the cat tries to get away, the dog thinks the cat is inviting it to a game, and so chase ensues with neither party understanding what the motivation of the other one is.” says John Bradshaw, an anthrozoologist and author of myriad books about cats and dogs.

There is no love or hate between these two critters, the way the approach to the world is way different. So in this article, we’re not gonna fight about it. We’re bringing to you 30+ proofs below which will show you the other side of cats and dogs, the friendship between them is delightfully presented!

#1 Not My Dog, Not My Cat, But They Come To My House And Sit Like This Every Day


#2 Cat And Dog Getting Along Well


#3 Nice To Have A Buddy When You’re Down & Out


#4 Louis Made A New Friend


#5 Just Lying


#6 Big Spoon, Little Spoon


#7 Best Pillow Ever


#8 Body Pillow


#9 He Is My Play Buddy, My Best Mate, My Bodyguard And Also My Pillow


#10 Sweetest Cat And Dog From Norway


#11 Forsberg Really Missed Having A Cat. Problem Solved


#12 The Cat Is The Hat


#13 We Cuddle On Sundays Too


#14 My Dog Has Terminal Cancer. I’ve Noticed He And My Cat Have Been Cuddling A Lot More Since He Got Sick


#15 Dis Is My Pillow


#16 What You Get When You Let Your Puppy Pick Out A Buddy


#17 Brotherhood


#18 My Friend Got New Cat And Her Dog Adopted Her Immediately, They Always Sleep Like This


#19 Two Cute Friends


#20 Cute Friends


#21 When Cat And Dog Get Along


#22 We Were Worried Our 17lb Cat Would Be Unhappy About Us Rescuing A Dog From The Local Shelter


#23 Siberian Husky With Kitten


#24 Just Another Pic Of My Cat And Dog


#25 Play Buddies


#26 Our Dog Has Really Taken A Liking To Our New Cat. Kitty’s Still Getting Used To It


#27 Cat Is Sleeping On A Dog


#28 Best Friends


#29 Fighting Like Cats And Dogs, Are They Doing It Right?


#30 Definition Of Peace


#31 May I Have This Dance?


#32 Sleeping Buddies


#33 My Cat Thinks My Dog Is Delicious


#34 Unlikely Friendship Between Grey Kitty And German Shepherd


#35 Wait! That’s Not A Puppy..


#36 My Cat Really Likes The New Dog


#37 Sleeping Buddies


#38 I Think It’s Safe To Say Our Dog Is Happy About New Kitten


#39 Cuddles


#40 This Is How I Found Our Cat And Dog This Morning


#41 Tyrion The Cat Loves The New Puppy Cosmo


#42 Best Friends Forever! Who Can Think They Are Enemy?


#43 Dreamy Sunday


#44 We Found A Stray Cat While Fishing. She And My Dog Fell In Love Immediately


#45 Goliath And David


#46 Sleepyheads


#47 My Friend’s Cat And Dog Like Snuggling


#48 My Shar-Pei Mix And My Dog Cat (He Acts Like A Dog)


#49 Cat And Dog Friendship


#50 Cat And Dog

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