30+ Dоgs Whоse Sizе Аre Unbеlievаblу Нugе

Dogs are irresistibly cute when they are small puppies, but there’s a thing you have to remember is that they will grow up and lose puppy fat. Some even grow so fast and big that you forget that they might be one of those giant dog breeds. However, their humongous sizes don’t equal them being intimidating and aggressive, as they are just lovely, gentle souls trapped inside a huge body!

Here is a collection of giant dogs being the biggest, floofiest dorks ever that would erase your hesitation towards big dogs and even make you consider having one! Scroll down and give them some love by upvoting your fave giant pics!

#1 Just a little girl in the big dog world

However, big dogs are usually mistaken to be obese. Therefore, to keep your furry friend happy and healthy, you have the responsibility to acknowledge their breed traits,  conditions and diets to keep them out of the ‘overweight zone’. The PDSA – UK’s leading vet charity, is here to give us some tips on how to help your dog live a quality life.


#2 This photo doesn’t do him justice. He’s a beast

The PDSA claimed that a dog’s diet is “an vital aspect” of their overall health. So you can’t simply focus on gaining tons of exercise—you also need to pay attention to dieting and nutrition! Similarly, you can’t focus solely on your food while overlooking the need for exercise.


#3 They Mastiff fed him a lot as a puppy

“Making sure they are fed on a complete diet which keeps them at their ideal weight is important to keep them fit and healthy. As a general rule, we tend to give our pets too much food which can lead to obesity and reduced activity levels,” a representative of the PDSA said.


#4 A photo of me – a 6’1″ 300lbs man, hugging Heisenberg. He loves hugging, but his size is a bit difficult to handle

It’s better to curb the food consumed every day when we’re living in a society of overabundance. Furthermore, you should do some research to determine the ideal weight for your dog breed at its age. If you’re unsure about something, seek the advice of an expert.


#5 Absolute unit parked next to me at a gas station

Taking your dog’s health seriously entails devoting time and effort to improving his or her quality of life. If you’re serious about fitness, that means treating your pet’s health as if it were your own. So pull out your kitchen scales!


#6 Big dog, now with 100% less damn to give

“The best way to monitor your dog’s food intake is to weigh both them and their food. You can discuss your dog’s weight with your vet and check their body condition at home. Once you have a starting point and know what their target weight should be, start weighing and monitoring their food and treats to see how much they’re getting,” the PDSA said


#7 I see two ponies, so where’s the dog?

“You might want to try weighing out their portions at the start of the week to make it easy to keep track of what’s being fed. Reweigh your dog after a few weeks and see if they’ve gained, lost, or maintained their weight, then adjust their amount of food to fit your goal.”


#8 My Alaskan Malamute Anton looks extra huge in this pic!

As PDSA said, you should adjust how much food your dog takes in a day in order to keep track of their diet, so no munching on cheeky treats 3 times a day!


#9 Took our nearly-one-year-old puppy to the vet, doc said he isn’t overweight, just bit boned!


#10 Igor and Aggie – my two big teddybears


#11 My dad is 6”2, and there’s my dog


#12 Local news: A bear was spotted in the residential area


#13 My old gym teacher’s beast of a dog. He’s 6’3ish”


#14 That’s a huge armrest you got there mate!


#15 In person, Zammy’s bigger than life. Seriously. He just astonished the expecting passers-by. It’s awesome!


#16 Saw a gentle giant at the vets! She was a darling and waiting patiently for her turn


#17 My boy Koji’s breed is a mystery, but I love him anyway!


#18 This heat is unBEARable!


#19 Meet Simba. He’s a Leonberger.


#20 My boy Lincoln celebrated his first birthday, but he doesn’t look like a one-year-old!


#21 “A Rottweiler? Well I must admit I have always preferred lap dogs.” ~Grammy before she met Gus


#22 “Almost as tall as my dad, just give me one more year…”


#23 Meet Carl the 150 pound Lion/Good Boy hybrid


#24 My titan-sized boy might look intimidating at times, but he is actually a goofball


#25 Ridiculously massive and well-behaved doggo spotted on the underground. Look at those floppy ears!


#26 Lady, please return this polar bear to the zoo


#27 My 93 lb German Shepherd is pretty pleased with the amount of inconvenience he’s causing


#28 Seamus the Irish Wolfhound is a soft dork trapped inside a giant body


#29 Monty loves peeking through the window


#30 Swung by my old place and met the neighbor’s dog. He recognized me and gave the perfect greeting. Believe it or not, this guy is still a puppy!


#31 My baby is in safe paws


#32 Walrus? Bat? Dracula? NO! I am a dog, you got bamboozled!


#33 The fluffy hair really boosts his size


#34 He’s a mix of American Wolfdog and Malamute. Sometimes people thought I was walking a wolf


#35 Our neighbor sent me this adorable display of pure joy between our dogs. They finally got him a stool so he could greet his big friend properly


#36 Am I the only one that needs a little help getting in the car?


#37 Tiny kitten observes BIG DOG YAWN


#38 There was a giant traffic jam in the walkways at the expo. I finally found out what was slowing everyone down.


#39 Bruce Wayne looks intimidating, but I bet he’s thinking about dog park right now!


#40 Big house cow meets little house cow


#41 Our Daughter who is now 3, and one of our Saint Bernards who is now 9


#42 This Christmas tree farm has Newfies that will cart your tree to your car for you


#43 Big boy waiting for traffic lights with his Pooh


#44 My 85 lb dog is scared of my sister’s 1.5 lb foster kitten


#45 Once a lag dog, always a lap dog


#46 Yuki was dumped at a kill shelter because he was too big to handle. Luckily a sanctuary took him in and love him everyday!


#47 No matter how big your dog is, they are scared of vet


#48 Bonner is often spotted at our rehabilitation encouraging young patients


#49 Friends: “Why are you always late?” – Me: “Trying to get my dog out of my lap”


#50 This is Ben. He has a beard. And he is human sized. We get fun looks in traffic


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