4 Нilarious Сomics Еxplaining Why Сats Аre Вetter Тhan Dоgs

There is an endless debate about cats and dogs. Is a cat better or a dog better? People also say that a person can be either a cat person or a dog person, but not both. Behind the popular Pixie and Brutus comics that are flooding on the Internet and always received lots of fruitful success, Pet Foolery has now created another funny short comic strips to clarify the question of who is a good pet here. It also reveals that the battle isn’t going to end well, as the cat is definitely the winner once you see the title that he wrote. The cover itself reads: All reasons why cats are better than dogs. And we all know how it will end, right? At least I think so. Let’s summon all the cat and dog enthusiasts to put a fight!

Okay so this is kind of too much and would trigger dog lovers from the title to the illustration but let’s see if the dog has any chance to win the kitty.

Let’s start off with the first strip, the artist demonstrates a cat can clean themselves without asking for a little help from human. On the other hand, dogs don’t have an ability to clean because they are lack of flexibility. So when their humans don’t have time for cleaning dogs, they are getting stinky. So it’s basically more convenient and time saving when you own a cat. Cat 1-0 dog.

Cats do not bark or make loud noises, so ideally they are very quiet and isolated. They only like to stay still and observe like a sophisticated professor. Meanwhile, the dog barks about everything, especially when the stranger visits the house. Absolutely cat 2-0 dog, hopefully dogs can get some points in the next comparison.

Cats are normally smaller than dogs and they’re way more flexible than a human, so it’s easier for them to curl up and nap on the owner’s lap. The artist is trying to draw the dog ugly and big and a space taker. Have you ever thought what if he drew a Maine Coon cat and a Chihuahua dog? Cat 3-0 dog.

The 4th strip shows how majestic cats are because they ‘have a bettur-looking’ but dogs look smelly and stupid. Anyways this guy hasn’t finished coloring the dog yet but we can see the ridiculous preference between 2 illustrations. Cat 4-0 dog. But hey the hand is kinda weird?


Busted!!! See what we have here! It was just a cat that adjusted everything to prove his point. What are you talking about? Cats think they are good and think we have to worship all cats, but this doesn’t have us anywhere in the cat dog debate. Now we are back at the origin again! Cat 0-0 dog!

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