A baby girl forms a heartwarming bond with a colossal dog who adores her like an older sibling

This story is about a fantastic couple, Abby and Cliff, who recently did a selfless act by rescuing a dog living a life of neglect. As he was named later, Wally was a Tibetan Mastiff who was found by the tourist couple visiting the Great Wall of China.

The couple saw that this cage had a dog in a terrible state. There was no water around him, and the whole area was covered with snow. Supposedly he was a guard dog who was not adequately taken care of. Abby looked at her husband, Cliff, and they knew they had to adopt him.

They convinced the owners to let him go and immediately took him to the vet. Then, they reached out to a dog rescue, “Bunny’s Buddies,” a non-profit organization that helped people adopt rescued animals from around Asia.

A vet shaved Wally because he was very matted. He soon flew back to the USA to his new happy home. It was evident that he had never experienced such comfort. He laid on the soft bed and carpet and refused to get up. Wally was a happy dog and loved to snuggle with his dad and sleep peacefully in his arms.

The couple named him Wally because they had found him at the Great Wall of China. Soon, the dog transformed into a beautiful full-grown Tibetan Mastiff with beautiful brown fluffy hair. The dog was around 75 pounds when he was adopted, but now, he weighs 135 pounds.

This goofy and funny dog made the family members smile all the time. Soon Abby found out that she was pregnant. So when they brought their little daughter, Annika, home, the intelligent dog understood that she was a new member of the family and he had to take care of her.

Wally acted like a watchdog. He was always around her like a big brother, and Annika also loved him a lot. Every morning when Wally jumped up on the bed, she would get excited to meet him. She would crawl up to him, climb upon him, and even share her food with him. Annika and Wally were best buddies for life.

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