Growing up together, a young husky and a young human form an enchanting and indissoluble bond

We know that dogs and human beings are capable of forming inseparable bonds. But what happens when they’re raised from birth together, and develop in their formative years alongside one another?

Well, this is exactly what happens in the case of baby girl Hazel and baby Husky Rio, who arrive into the world at the same time. Jen, Hazel & Rio’s mum, remembers the early days when the two began exploring the house together. She recalls that they were always together in whatever they did.

The fact that they’ve grown up together has made their bond almost that of siblings. They eat together, play together, and even sleep together. Jen tells us what their days together are like:

“Really our days consist of them just, playing around the house, playing outside. They both learned how to be gentle together.”

It’s almost like something out of a Disney Movie like the Jungle Book, where Mowgli develops this incredible bond with the animals around him that is based purely on love and respect. The bond that exists between Rio and Hazel is there for all to see, and is something that is so pure.

From the video, it’s so clear that these two babies have so much in common yet are so very different. The contrast is their appearance is the most striking thing, but they seem to have this innate ability to communicate with one another without speaking.

They make each other laugh and are able to understand what the other wants. There’s no getting away from the fact that they’re truly best friends and mean the absolute world to one another!

It will be interesting to follow their journey closely as Hazel gets older and begins to explore the world on her own. We sincerely hope this incredible bond will last a lifetime, and we’re so blessed to have seen their relationship blossom.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful relationship, Jen!

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