Luckily, a 6-year-old girl discovered Boxer dog stuck in a cement pit in a state of exhaustion from hunger.

A young girl of six years old discovered a hole made of concrete on the ground while playing close to her residence in the United Kingdom.

After examining the hole in the Waterside region of Londonderry, the girl discovered a dog that had been abandoned there to perish amidst the garbage and muck. The dog was malnourished, had fractured teeth, and was unable to see.

The young girl promptly returned to her residence and informed her father about the hole. Kenny, the father, accompanied his daughter Cara to the site, where they rescued the dog and brought her back to their house. Following this, they contacted The Rainbow Rehoming Centre, an organization dedicated to rehoming and rescuing abandoned dogs and cats.

Bella, as the dog was named, received the necessary medical attention and affection from the staff. The veterinarians at the facility were aware of her complete blindness and that she was no longer capable of breeding, having been previously used for this purpose.

They soon discovered that despite Bella’s past, she was a kind, caring, and tender-hearted dog. Her story was posted online, and it quickly became popular among animal lovers worldwide.

Eventually, Bella was transferred to a temporary home where she could reside until she was adopted into a permanent home. Fortunately, a family that saw her pictures online fell in love with her and adopted her in 2014.

Regrettably, Bella passed away in 2015, but she was surrounded by her loving family and at peace. Despite having been abandoned for an extended period, at least she died in the comfort of her forever home.

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