The exhausted dog embarked on a journey to find its owner, and what unfolded left us astonished

This dog was walking on a leash. At first, I thought it was lost, so I looked for the owner, but after looking after it for a few days, I noticed something strange. She frequently had a lot of earwax and tears in her eyes.

She had Malassezia yeast and was increasing. Her ear infection was also caused by them. According to the doctor’s recommendations, we treat her at home for 14 days with antibiotics.

She was realy sick and she turned out not to be as lost as we thought. It is obvious that the owner left her as a result.

After a few days s he limped and had problems walking, we quickly took her to the vet to check it out it’s. She suffered osteomyelitis and was

It took a long time to recuperate and finaly she was able to stand. She’s more open. She adores having childlike adventures in the snow.

She could run faster and never get tired. But she’s had to take medication all her life, but that hasn’t stopped us From enjoying life.

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