The journey of the dog Bionic Naki’o, who broke four legs, proves that there is no limit to recovery

I am Naki’o, a mixed breed dog, had a rough start in life after losing all four of his paws to frostbite. He struggles to walk on rounded stumps, which makes his mobility difficult. However, with the help of a new owner and

modern technology, Naki’o is now a bionic dog and can walk with the assistance of four prosthetic limbs.

Naki’o’s journey begins when his former employer leaves him and his peers in a foreclosure home for the winter. Unfortunately, the puppies were frozen, and Naki’o was the sole survivor, despite severe frostbite that resulted in the amputation of all four paws.

Fortunately, Naki’o’s luck changed when he was rescued and taken to a shelter in Nebraska. There, he caught the attention of a woman named Christie Tomlinson, who immediately fell in love with the adorable puppy and decided to adopt it.

As she watched Naki’o try to move on her stumps, Christie knew she had to help him. She started a fundraising campaign to buy Naki’o the prosthetic limbs he needed to walk. With the help of benefactors, they were able to raise enough money for Naki’o to be fitted with four prosthetic limbs.

After months of rehabilitation, Naki’o finally had the chance to walk on her new limbs. The transformation was amazing, and it wasn’t long before Naki’o was running and playing like any other dog. Prosthetics have given him a new life, and he no longer struggles with his mobility.

Naki’o’s story is a testament to the power of love and determination. Despite his rough start in life, he never gave up and his new owner’s determination to help him eventually led to his incredible transformation into a biological dog. Today, Naki’o is a happy, healthy and active dog who has inspired countless people with his story.

Naki’o’s story is a reminder that with the right support and technology, anything is possible. His journey from a struggling puppy to a biological dog is nothing short of magical, and it is testament to animals’ incredible resilience and strength.

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